Set out in 16 acres of lush coconut groves by the central Kerala coast. The long sandy beach and the wonderful sea views with a traditional Kerala design of all our 52 villas complement the Ayurveda experience curated here.

The villas are made with traditional Kerala elements rooted to Ayurveda and are available in five different categories.


12m.sq to 18m.sq

Large Verandah and Sun deck with a sea view.

Generous living space, Floor to ceiling wooden windows, wardrobe.


450 Sq. Ft.

Large Verandah and Sun deck with a sea view.

Floor to ceiling windows with a sea view.

Relaxed living space, wardrobe, spacious bathroom.


421 Sq. Ft.

Spacious adjacent double units with a direct sea view.

Intimate Verandah and Sun deck.

Well-appointed resting space, wardrobe, bathroom.


421 Sq. Ft.

Spacious adjacent double units with a direct sea view.

Intimate Verandah and Sun deck.

Well-appointed resting space, wardrobe, bathroom.


388 Sq. Ft.

Adjacent double units with a partial sea view.

Intimate Verandah and Sun Deck.

Well-appointed resting space, wardrobe, bathroom.


421 Sq. Ft.

Spacious adjacent double units with a direct sea view.

Intimate Verandah and Sun deck.

Well-appointed resting space, wardrobe, bathroom.

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The land of 1,000 lakes. This is how the Mecklenburg Lake District is affectionately called. Rightly so. With a total of 1,117 natural lakes and various lake landscapes, it is actually the largest contiguous lake area in Germany. These include, for example, the Strelitzer Kleinseenplatte, the Feldberger Seenlandschaft, the Tollensesee, the Kölpinsee and Fleesensee, the Plauer See and the Goldberg-Sternberg lakes.


This makes the region in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania a true paradise for nature lovers and water sports fans. From hikes and bike tours to paddling and sailing trips, you can always go on the water or along the shore.



In addition to the water-rich area and the lush nature, idyllic villages and churches, charming manors and mansions and dreamlike palaces and castles characterize the historical cultural landscape. The Mecklenburg Lake District offers numerous excursion destinations that you can discover.


The Alt Rehse Castle Park is located on the western shore of Lake Tollense, one of the largest lakes in the Mecklenburg Lake District. The entire lake and the adjacent forests are part of the 10,440-hectare Tollense basin conservation area. Even the journey over avenues and centuries-old cobblestones is like a journey through time – and takes you far away from everyday life.

The extensive area of the castle park Alt Rehse offers space for your very personal rendezvous with nature. Magnificent views over the wide shores of Lake Tollense, the chirping of birds in the park, mighty giant trees and personal favourite corners await you in the spacious area full of small and large wonders.


A walk through the woods, over the meadows and along the lake is exciting. Because of our natural seclusion, natural treasures have been preserved that you won’t find anywhere else. Germany’s largest and smallest eagles – white-tailed and lesser spotted eagles – are just as at home with us as kingfishers, little flycatchers and great reed warblers. Beavers and otters roam the lake shores. The duet of the cranes can be heard through the forest, and the melancholic call of the fire-bellied toad sounds from the Söllen – the “eyes of the landscape”. The beech forests dotted with millions of wood anemones are just as stunning a sight in spring as the fall incursion of tens of thousands of northern geese later in the year. If you want to be one with nature, this is the place for you.


You can come to Nattika at any time during the year. The resort is beautiful and well maintained in accordance with each season. There is not a specific moment better than another and every season has its share of assets. The best time for you to come only depends on what you want to experience and your availability.

For wellness purposes, effectiveness of treatments and for enjoying the pristine Nattika Beach at its best, the ideal time to visit is from the months of September to uptil May. During the on season, the weather is mostly  sunny and pleasant during this time.

The Monsoon season from June to August is also recommended and is a wonderful time to be in Nattika if one wishes to enjoy the rains and experience the monsoon ayurveda treatments.


Nattika’s extensive property in the middle of our 16 acres of lush coconut groves and luxurious gardens merges perfectly with nature to become a space of pure bliss. The contrast offered by being completely bordered by an infinite beach of fine sand is all you will need to make your stay an idyllic experience. Every part of Nattika inspires calm and serenity and our staff, of exquisite kindness, is dedicated to always be very attentive to your every need.

Staying in Nattika is a fabulous experience in itself. Adding the personalized healing of your body, mind and soul through your daily Ayurveda treatments, a yoga practice, and a healthy diet will exceed all the expectations you have of a wellness retreat.

As there are no two identical people in the world, the same goes for the perception of wellbeing. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure, from day one, a tailored service focused on the individual and his needs. Whether you need a relaxing stay or an intense program, you will be delighted to see that each and every aspect of Nattika is adjustable for your utmost comfort and satisfaction. In fact, following the suggestions and feedback from our guests has been the main factor of our success. Thanks to that, we are proud to have many guests coming back frequently and having the sensation of feeling at home in Nattika.

Moreover, you can spend your time by participating in the numerous activities provided inside the resort. The regular events happening daily are all very different and can range from social to culinary related experiences while passing through learning or discovery occasions.


Whether in the Ayurveda Center Swastha or in the Resort, each member of our team is dedicated to providing you with the best stay possible. Discover the unrivaled quality of the Indian style service.

Every service offered in Nattika is led by an expert of the field and its committed members. Thus, we offer the best of Ayurveda treatment thanks to our experienced and qualified team of doctors, therapists and dieticians.

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