Situated on the western banks of Lake Tollense, within the vast expanse of the 10,440-hectare Tollense basin conservation area, Alt Rehse Castle Park is more than just an escape from the ordinary; it’s a journey into the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Every pathway, with its time-worn cobblestones, guides visitors not just back in time, but into the heart of nature, which Ayurveda reveres as a source of healing and balance.

The expansive castle park, beyond offering a rendezvous with nature’s pristine beauty—majestic lake views, birdsong, towering trees, and intimate hideaways—immerses one in an Ayurvedic sanctuary. It reflects the harmony between man and nature, facilitating a deep connection to the earth and its abundant vitality. Rare species such as the white-tailed and lesser spotted eagles, kingfishers, little flycatchers, and great reed warblers find solace here, echoing the Ayurvedic belief in coexistence and respect for all life. Along the tranquil edges of the lake, beavers and otters thrive, showcasing nature’s ability to cleanse and rejuvenate, akin to Ayurveda’s principles of detoxification.

Walking through the verdant forests, lush meadows, and along the serene lake, one can’t help but feel attuned to the rhythms of nature—much like Ayurveda’s focus on aligning with natural cycles. Witnessing the melodic cranes’ duet, the distinctive call of the fire-bellied toad, and the seasonal dance of blooming wood anemones and northern geese migration, Alt Rehse Castle Park isn’t just a haven for nature enthusiasts, but a testament to the timeless wisdom and holistic approach of Ayurveda.